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After completing the Highland shoot with Steinar Kaldal, Ed Biship, Ryan Parteka & Arnar Ivarson we dumped our camera gear and tents in Reykjavik and spent a few days exploring the nation’s capital. We were lucky enough to squeeze in an interview with John Grant at Kaffi Mokka and we were very kindly invited to … Read More

Heiða Guðný Ásgeirsdóttir

September 1, 2016By Alan ComptonPeople No Comments

We interviewed Heiða in Skaftárhreppur, Iceland. She is one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met. Heiða took over her family farm at the age of 23. She turned down a modeling contract in New York to dedicate her life to farming and even became a member of the local government so she can … Read More


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Kerlingarfjöll is only accessible three to four months of the year and it really is one of the best, unspoiled treasures in the Icelandic Highland. Unexplored up to the 19th century, it was believed to be the homeland of trolls and the only people that would venture there were thieves and outlaws. Today, Kerlingarfjöll is … Read More