Kerlingarfjöll is only accessible three to four months of the year and it really is one of the best, unspoiled treasures in the Icelandic Highland. Unexplored up to the 19th century, it was believed to be the homeland of trolls and the only people that would venture there were thieves and outlaws. Today, Kerlingarfjöll is still an unbeaten track by tourists and it should be on the checklist of all nature lovers. We met up with Fríða Björg Eðvarsdóttir in Kerlingarfjöll, she is a board member of two NGOs: The Icelandic Environment Association and Friends of Kerlingarfjöll. We captured a powerful and emotional interview with Fríða who is incredibly passionate about the preservation of the highland.



Thanks to Jimmy Hogg [] for his support on this project.

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